One of the most important services we provide is assisting when you are having trouble cutting through the red tape of the federal government.

Although we cannot order an agency to decide a matter in your favor, we can ensure that your case is treated fairly and expeditiously. My office is unable to offer legal advice or recommend an attorney. The rules of the House do not allow me to intervene in or influence the outcome of cases that are under the jurisdiction of any court. Finally, my office cannot intervene in matters under the jurisdiction of local or state governments.

Staff in my office can provide you with basic information, such as a federal agency phone number, and help you with governmental procedures. In addition, my staff can help with individual matters involving government agencies and programs.

In order to protect your privacy, all federal agencies require a privacy release form, signed by you, before they will release any information on your case to my office.  A copy of this privacy form can be found below.  Please contact my Arlington District Office at (817) 543-1000 to discuss your case before completing the privacy release form.

pdfPrivacy Release Form.pdf

Areas of Frequently Requested Assistance:

Problems with veterans benefits, eligibility determinations, VA home loans, and replacements of medals earned

Social Security
Social Security retirement and disability benefits or missing checks

Problems with Medicare claims or appeals

Naturalization applications, immigrant and non-immigrant petitions for relatives and adjustment of status applications that are delayed or lost

Problems with housing vouchers, federal loan programs and HUD

Getting passports in an emergency, replacing lost passports and obtaining information about overseas travel requirements

Business Opportunities with the Federal Government
Information about doing business with the federal government.

Grants and Federal Domestic Assistance
Information concerning federal grants and domestic assistance.

Financial Aid for Students
Information concerning financial aid for students.


If you need assistance from Congressman Joe Barton's office regarding an individual issue with a federal agency, please contact the Arlington district office at (817) 543-1000. To avoid delays, all casework related correspondence should be sent to my Arlington District office at:

Congressman Joe Barton
6001 West I-20, Suite 200
Arlington, TX 76017-2811
(817) 543-1000

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